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Access our informed insights on the latest developments around pandemic risk. We’ll help you understand the impact of this risk and present challenges and opportunities for (re)insurers.

Our bi-monthly offering of (re)insurance industry related intellectual capital, giving you timely and informed insights that are fundamental to making successful decisions.

Our InsurTech team will update you on the rapidly developing InsurTech universe.

The CAT Resource Center, formerly known as Weather Sentinel and CAT-i, provides live event, post event, seasonal outlooks and periodic thought leadership regarding natural catastrophes. Perils covered: tropical cyclone, severe convective storm, flood, winterstorm, storm surge, wildfire, earthquake.

These regular briefings from our experts provide information and analysis on important issues in the Healthcare & Life space.

Our offer of insights on the evolving threat of terror, the full breadth of attack methodologies and the solutions needed to respond to this changing peril.

Access our offering of news and insights into the latest developments in cyber risk and liability.